The Philosophical Parlour – Philosophical Counselor – Filosofisk Rådgivning

You are confronted with many choices. You tend to follow the average behaviour, your idea of the norm. Does it feel right? No one else but you can decide how to react, evaluate and act. And this can only be done if you have a robust philosophical understanding of your direction. What are the consequences of your beliefs?

A lack of clarity, harmony or logic in your beliefs and purposes has a negative effect on your choices and personal life.


Alexander the Great had his personal mind-training philosopher, Aristotle: the role of the philosopher’s counseling in Alexander’s growth was to help him integrate all his energies into a coherent unity.


“Philosophical health will be in the 21st century what physical health and psychological health were in the 20th century: at the beginning, it’s a luxury for the happy few, in the end it is a necessity for all.”

Luis de Miranda, talk at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 29 October 2019.

The Philosophical Parlour is hosted by Livslinjen Terapi och Konsult in the heart of Stockholm (Rådhuset) and offers only a few individual sessions every week. Book now:

As the author of internationally published philosophical essays and novels, and as a philosophical counselor in the premises of a psychotherapy institute (Livslinjen, Stockholm, Sweden), Luis de Miranda, PhD, works on our potential for healthier ways of life and care of ourselves based on the philosophical tradition, techniques and way of thinking/minding. He is currently designing his own method, crealectics, which he introduced in a former Unesco workshop in October 2019. He is the conductor of the Philosophical Health International network.

Bring a question that is important for you or come as you are and feel the magic of philosophical dialogue slowly operate with Dr Luis de Miranda.

Individual sessions in English, Swedish, Portuguese or French

The Philosophical Parlour is located in the heart of Stockholm since February 2018. Private conversations are held by appointment only with  Luis de Miranda, Doctor of Philosophy, certified practising member of the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice (SSFP), also trained in psychoanalysis, and author of an internationally translated oeuvre. 

Hantverkargatan 46, Kungsholmen, Stockholm +46732678884

Read an interview of Luis de Miranda by clicking here

Ask for more details and book a free discovery 45 min session, with no obligation to continue afterwards. /

“Luis de Miranda is a professional of Truth.” Gerald Moore, Philosopher, Durham University. 

“Thanks to Luis de Miranda and his double expertise in thinking and creating, I was able to write two books that got published and spoke to hundreds of readers. In the process, I learned about myself and the world, and became a more autonomous person and attentive leader.” Jean-Sébastien Hongre, CEO of Teaminside International.

“Talking with Luis de Miranda about our problems or ideas between 2014 and 2017 often boosted our courage. He is not only a rigorous thought-leader with a deep knowledge of philosophy, literature, and art, but also an open-minded listener with a joyful energy.” Edouard Notte, Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

“Luis de Miranda helped me to develop the voice I needed to reconcile a horrible past with a rewarding present.” Céline Raphaël, author of La Démesure, Paris, France.

“Got this feeling that I have so much to express. Instead of pushing away thoughts that can be scary, I can face them with playful poetry and action.” J. W., abusively diagnosed as bipolar 2.

“I met Luis de Miranda several years ago, when he was invited to give a talk at Reykjavik University. Since then I think a lot about his Creal-philosophy. More recently, Luis helped me to challenge the Venice Biennale.” Katrin Inga Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir, Icelandic Artist.

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