Dr Luis de Miranda, Annotated List of Publications

Highlighted publication: “On the Concept of Creal”

Sole-authored research books

(2020) The Transnational Genealogy of Esprit de Corps. Edinburgh University Press.

(2019) Being and Neonness. MIT Press. A cultural history of neon signs.

ISBN: 0262039888


(2012) L’être et le néon. Paris: Max Milo. French version of the above. ISBN: 2315003709

(2010) L’art d’être libres au temps des automates. Paris: Max Milo. A cultural history of computers, artificial intelligence and digital media. Currently in translation (English)

ISBN: 2353410835

(2008) Une vie nouvelle est-elle possible? Deleuze et les lignes. Caen: Nous. A philosophical analysis of Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of life lines.

ISBN: 2913549302

(2008) Peut-on jouir du capitalisme? Lacan avec Heidegger et Marx. Paris: Punctum. A philosophical and political analysis of Lacan’s concepts of jouissanceand capitalist discourse. Swedish translation ongoing by Lund University researcher Dr Anna Cabak Rédei. ISBN: 2351160299

(2003) Ego Trip: La société des artistes-sans-oeuvre. Paris: Max Milo. The psycho-politics of the concept of spectacle in the era of digital networks.

ISBN: 2914388357

Sole-authored fiction

(2020) Paridaiza. Snuggly Books (USA), translated by Tina Kover. An anticipation novel on the topic of artificial intelligence. See 2008.

(2019) Vem Dödade Poeten?Palaver Press (Sweden), translated by Ylva Gislén. See 2011.

(2018) 谁杀了诗人?Chinese translation of Qui a tué le poète?Haitian Publishing. See 2011. ISBN:7550724393

(2017) Who Killed the Poet?Snuggly Books (USA), translated by Tina Kover. See 2011. ISBN:1943813426

(2011) Qui a tué le poète?Paris: Max Milo. A philosophical novella on the rarefaction of spaces of sublimity and poetic utopia. ISBN: 2315001477

(2008) Paridaiza. Paris: Plon. An anticipation novel on the topic of artificial intelligence. ISBN:2259208215


(2002) Moment magnétique de l’aimant. Paris: La Chasse au Snark. A novella on human migrations and identity. Based on my experience of growing in France as a child of non-French citizens. ISBN: 2914015240

(2001) A Vide. Paris: Denoël. A novel on capitalism and financial speculation

ISBN: 2207252515

(2000) Le Spray. Paris: Calmann-Lévy. A philosophical tale on the fear of aging and the cult of youth. ISBN: 2702130844

(1997) Joie. Paris: Le Temps des Cerises. A novel inspired by my research on the intellectual history of the psychological effects of music. ISBN: 2841091058.


Books as sole editor

(2019) AI och Robotar på 30 sekunder. Tukan Förlag, Sweden. ISBN: 9177837756

(2019) AI and Robotics in 30-seconds. London, Quarto Books. Simultaneously published in several languages/countries. ISBN: 1782407911

articles in peer-reviewed journals

(2019) “Big Data, Small Concepts: Histosophy as an Approach to Longue Durée History”, Global Intellectual History. With Dr. Emile Chabal.

(2018) “‘This National Esprit de Corps’: A Short Deconstruction of a Reappearing Spirit”, Global Intellectual

(2017) “La mystique de l’esprit de corps chez Bergson et Deleuze/Guattari”, Deleuziana. ISSN: 2421-3098

(2016) “Life is Strange and ‘Games are Made’: A Philosophical Interpretation of a Multiple Choice Existential Simulator with Co-Pilot Sartre”, Games and Culture.

(2013) “Is a New Life Possible? Deleuze and the Lines”, Deleuze Studies.



Articles & chapters in refereed books

 (2019) “Anticipation in collaborative music performance using fuzzy
systems: a case study”.  Procs of the 31th workshop of the Swedish AI
Society (SAIS-2019).  Umeå, Sweden, June 18-19, 2019. with Oscar Thörn, Peter Fogel, Peter Knudsen, Luis de Miranda, Alessandro Saffiotti.  

(2017) “On the Concept of Creal: The Politico-Ethical Horizon of a Creative Absolute”, in The Dark Precursor: Deleuze and Artistic Research, ed. Paulo de Assis & Paolo Giudici. Louvain: Leuven University Press. ISBN: 9462701182

(2016) “We, Anthrobot: Learning from Human Forms of Interaction and Esprit de Corps to Develop More Diverse Social Robotics”, in What Social Robots Can and Should do. Amsterdam: IOS Press. With Dr. Ram Rammamorthy and Dr. Michael Rovatsos. ISBN: 1614997078