Highlighted publication: “On the Concept of Creal”

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (academic, novels, popular science)

Peer-reviewed books:

  • 2023, de Miranda Luis (Ed). Philosophical Health: Thinking as a Way of Healing. Bloomsbury Academic (accepted).
  • 2020. de Miranda, Luis. Ensemblance: The Transnational Genealogy of Esprit de Corps, Edinburgh University Press.
  • 2019. de Miranda, Luis.  Being and Neonness. MIT Press.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis. Introducing philosophical health: The healing dimension of making sense. In Philosophical Health: Thinking as a Way of Healing. Bloomsbury.
  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis. Artificial intelligence and philosophical health: From analytics to crealectics. In Philosophical Health: Thinking as a Way of Healing. Bloomsbury.
  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis. Philosophical Health, crealectics and the sense of the possible. In Philosophical Health: Thinking as a Way of Healing. Bloomsbury.
  • de Miranda, Luis. Sense-making interviews looking at elements of philosophical health (SMILE_PH). In Philosophical Health: Thinking as a Way of Healing. Bloomsbury.
  • 2022. de Miranda, Luis. Philosophical Health. In The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of the Possible, ed. Glăveanu. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2021. de Miranda, Luis. Crealectic Intelligence. In The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of the Possible, ed. Vlad Glăveanu. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2017. de Miranda, Luis. On the Concept of Creal: The Politico-Ethical Horizon of a Creative Absolute. In The Dark Precursor: Deleuze and Artistic Research, ed. Paulo de Assis & Paolo Giudici. Leuven University Press, Louvain.

Single-authored Peer- Reviewed Articles

  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis. Introducing the SMILE_PH Method: Sense-Making Interviews Looking at Elements of Philosophical HealthMethodological Innovations (accepted).
  • 2021. de Miranda, Luis. Five Principles of Philosophical Health: From Hadot to CrealecticsEidos: a Journal for Philosophy of culture, vol. 5 (1), 70–89. 
  • 2021. de Miranda, Luis. Think into the Place of the Other: The Crealectic Approach to Philosophical Health and CareInternational Journal of Philosophical Practice, vol 7 (1). 89–103. 
  • 2021. de Miranda, Luis. The Healing-Growth Future of Humanity: Regenerative Politics and Crealectic CareActa Academica, vol. 53 (2), 143–163.
  • 2020. de Miranda, Luis. Artificial Intelligence and Philosophical Creativity: From Analytics to CrealecticsHuman Affairs, vol. 30 (4), 597-607.
  • 2018. de Miranda, Luis. This National Esprit de Corps: A Short Deconstruction of a Reappearing SpiritGlobal Intellectual History, vol. 6 (3), 333–350.
  • 2016. de Miranda, Luis. Life is Strange and “Games are Made”: A Philosophical Interpretation of a Multiple-Choice Existential Simulator with Copilot SartreGames and Culture, vol. 13 (8), 825–842.
  • 2013. de Miranda, Luis. Is a New Life Possible? Deleuze and the LinesDeleuze Studies, vol. 7 (1), 106–152.

Peer-Reviewed Co-authored articles or chapters:

  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis, Levi, Richard & Divanoglou, Anestis. Tapping Into the Unimpossible: Philosophical Health in Lives with Spinal Cord Injury. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice(accepted).
  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis & Loughlin, Michael. Philosophical Health: Unveiling the Patient’s Personal Philosophy with a Person-Centred Method of DialogueJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice(accepted).
  • 2022. Glăveanu Vlad & de Miranda, Luis. Co-creating the Real: a Transdisciplinary DialogueQualitative Inquiry, 476–485.
  • 2019. de Miranda, Luis & Chabal, Emile. Big Data, Small Concepts: Histosophy as an Approach to Longue-Durée HistoryGlobal Intellectual History, vol. 6 (1), 69–82.
  • 2016. de Miranda, Luis, corresponding author, Ramamoorthy, Subramanian. & Rovatsos, Michael. We, Anthrobot: Learning from Human Forms of Interaction and Esprit de Corps to Develop More Diverse Social Robotics. In What Social Robots Can and Should do, ed. Johanna Seibt et al. IOS Press.

Peer-Reviewed Book Reviews:

  • 2023. de Miranda, Luis. The Philosophy of Person-Centred Healthcare, by Mitchell and Loughlin.

Popular Science Book as Editor:

  • 2019. de Miranda, Luis, ed. 30-Second AI and Robotics: 50 Key Notions, Fields, and Events in the Rise of Intelligent Machines. Quarto Books/Ivy Press. Translated and published in 20 languages.

Chapter in Art Book:

  • 2021. de Miranda, Luis. Bodies of Delight. In Circlesphere, catalogue of the Fred Tschida exhibition. The Art House & Neon Workshops, Wakefield, UK.

Non-Academic books (novels):

  • 2020. de Miranda, Luis. Paridaiza. Translated by Tina Kover. Snuggly Books, Sacramento. American edition of the novel Paridaiza, 2008. Plon, Paris.
  • 2017. de Miranda, Luis. Who Killed the Poet? Translated by Tina Kover. Snuggly Books, Sacramento. American edition of the novel Qui a tué le poète, 2012. Max Milo, Paris. Also translated and published in China, Turkey, Sweden.
  • 1997. de Miranda, Luis. Joie. Le Temps des Cerises, Paris.
  • 1998. de Miranda, Luis. La Mémoire de Ruben. Gamma Press, Bruxelles.
  • 1999. de Miranda, Luis. Le Spray. Calmann-Lévy, Paris.
  • 2001. de Miranda, Luis. A Vide. Denoël, Paris.
  • 2003. de Miranda, Luis. Mémoire magnétique de l’aimant. La Chasse au Snark, Paris.
  • 2008. de Miranda, Luis. Paridaiza. Plon, Paris.
  • 2011. de Miranda, Luis. Qui a tué le poète? Max Milo, Paris.
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