Luis de Miranda, PhD

current or recent work

2018­–2019, Postdoctoral researcher at Örebro University. Initiator and lead ofCREA: Cross-disciplinary Research on Effectual Anticipation, part of Örebro University’s larger effort to promote multidisciplinary research in AI.

2017–2019, Occasional Guest Lecturer in Philosophy and History of Technology at KTH University, Stockholm, Sweden.

education and qualifications

2017, Doctor of Philosophy,University of Edinburgh. Fully funded with a Research Scholarship Award. Thesis in History of Ideas: Esprit de Corps: Birth and Evolution of a Polemical Notion (1721-2017; France, UK, USA), external examiner Prof. Richard Whatmore (St Andrews).

2016, Certificate (Honours) in Robotic and AI Ethics, Economics and Laws, School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy.

2015, Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, University Teaching Training, UK.

2007, Master 2 in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Sorbonne University, Paris I. Supervisor Prof. Renaud Barbaras. Dissertation on Deleuze’s concept of life lines, published as a book in French and translated/published in English (Deleuze Studies, Edinburgh University Press).

2003, Master 1 in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Sorbonne University, Paris I. Dissertation on Lacan’s concepts of jouissanceand capitalist discourse (with Marx and Heidegger), published as a book in French, currently being translated into Swedish.

1994, HEC graduate in Economics and Business, HEC-Paris (Jouy-en-Josas) “Best business school in Europe” (Financial Times).


2019, Humans and Machines, Design and Teaching of Undergraduate Course, History and Philosophy of Technology, Örebro University.

2019, Anticipation and Foresight, PhD course, KTH University Stockholm.

2019, AI Ethics and Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence for Engineers, Örebro University.

2017–2019, Philosophy of Science, Media, and Technology:Fourth-year lectures, KTH University, Stockholm.

2014–2017, French Thought & Culture (University of Edinburgh): second- and fourth-year students; supervision and examination of undergraduate essays, face-to-face or via online marking (Turnitin).

2015,Creative Writing:international students, Oxbridge Academic Programs, Paris. 

2013,Creative Thinking and New Media: First- and second year, Ecole Média Art, Chalon-sur-Saône, France.

recent funded research and prizes

2018–2019, Riksbanken Jubileumsfond, Initiation Seminar Grant – CREA: Cross-disciplinary Research on Effectual Anticipation (125 000 kr.).

2018–2019,Vetenskapsrådet, conference funding – Anticipation and Anticipatory Systems: Humans Meet Artificial Intelligence (200 000 kr.). 

2014-2017,The University of Edinburgh Research Scholarship Award – PhD scholarship (1 000 000 kr.)

2015-2017,Creation of Reality Research Group (CRAG)– Researcher-Led Initiative Fund from the University of Edinburgh(20 000 kr., 2015), French Institute in the UK Grant (15 000 kr., 2015), DELC Initiative Award (20 000 kr., 2015-2016), LLC Student-Led Initiative Fund (10 000 kr., 2014-2016). To create and manage the CRAG interdisciplinary research group and seminar program at the University of Edinburgh. 

2017,Anthrobotics International Workshop – Eidyn Philosophy Research Centre Grant (to initiate and organise a workshop; 6 000 kr.)

2016,Anthrobotics – Researcher-Led Initiative Fund – University of Edinburgh Institute for Academic Development Grant (to create and manage the Anthrobotics interdisciplinary seminar and cluster on human-machine-AI symbiosis; 24 000 kr.)

2016,60 Years of Essentially Contested Concepts Workshop– Centre for the Study of Modern Conflict, University of Edinburgh (to organise an international symposium; 5 000 kr.).

2016,3-Minute Thesis Competition (Awarded First Prize)– School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University of Edinburgh.

2012,L’Être et le Néon– Nuit Blanche/Paris City hall (to organise a multimedia conference on the cultural philosophy of neon signs; 50 000 kr.).

managing and organising skills

2012-2019,Conference organisation–2019: Anticipation and Anticipatory Systems, Humans Meet Artificial Intelligence, VR-funded international symposium at Örebro University international workshop; 2017: Anthrobotics – New Perspectives on Social Automata, international workshop, University of Edinburgh; 2016: 60 Years of Essentially Contested Concepts, international workshop, University of Edinburgh; 2015; Creation of Reality: Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive Understanding, international symposium, University of Edinburgh.

2004-2018,Consulting Editor. For example for Quarto Books/Ivy Press, 30-Second AI and Robotics, to be published in several languages in 2019, including Swedish.

2018,Professional associations– SSFP (Svenska Sällskapet för Filosofisk Praxis); TRANSOR (Trans-disciplinary Network in Social Robotics).

2018,Academic Reviewer– for several journals, including History of European Ideasand Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology.

1997­–2004: Cultural ReporterJournalist and Book Critic– For example interviews with Saramago (Nobel Prize), Joyce Carol Oates, Pierre Bourdieu, Michel Serres, Jim Harrison, etc.

2004­–2018,Administration and management – 2018: Member of the board of SSFP (Svenska Sällskapet för Filosofisk Praxis); Publisher, founder and CEO (2013–2014), Haute Culture Books, Sweden; Editorial Director, Co-Founder and Co-Manager (2004–2012), Max Milo Editions, France. 

recent engagement & esteem

2011­–2019,Invited academic speaker, Oslo University, University of Vienna, Lund University, Stockholm University, KTH University, Örebro University, Linköping University, Skövde University, University of Reykjavik, École Normale Supérieure, Paris and Université de Lille, France.

Invited public speaker– Philosophy as Therapy, PsykoterapiMässan (Stockholm, 2018), Whatis a Public Intellectual?, Noden Cultural Center (Stockholm, 2018); All for One, But Which One?Just Festival (Edinburgh, 2016); A Cultural History of Neon Signs, Explorathon (Edinburgh, 2015); L’être et le néon, Nuit Blanche/Nuit des Savoirs (Paris, 2012).

Media– Several worldwide interviews, Radio, TV (totaling 20 hour+): The Atlantic, Wort FM, The TimesScotlandThe Oxford Philosopher, World Literature TodayRobohubFuturismFrance CultureDark Zero,France 2Digitally DownloadedAltantico,Typographical EraOpen DemocracyLa TribuneBFM, Pantheon-Sorbonne Magazine; opinion pieces in mainstream newspapers: Le MondeLibération.

other skills

Languages– French (fluent), Portuguese (fluent) – English (fluent) – Swedish (good) – German, Latin, Ancient Greek (basic).

IT– Mac and Windows operating systems; Microsoft Office; Turnitin, basic website design; iMovie, GarageBand, Digital Humanities, Computational Thinking.

Music – Conservatoire Municipal; 6-year theory and 4-year violin practice.

Media– “Quick Thought video Channel and podcast.

Parenting– Father of a 6-year-old girl (Swedish citizen).

















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